hey again SAB fam! we got a chance to talk to DØSTS, an electronic music duo. we shot some pics of them repping SAB gear, too!
they make some pretty cool future bass! check out this exclusive interview below and a link to a new track they just put out!
1) What's your story about your cultural roots? Did it have an effect on your music career/the way people viewed you in the music industry?
Our story shows two people from diverse places that have been brought together by the sound of music. Dom is actually Guamanian and Kash is Indian and we try to primarily display our cultural roots through our name "DOSTS", meaning "friends" in Hindi. Our main goal is to connect people as friends through our music no matter their culture, affiliation, race, ethnicity, or sexuality. That is what DØSTS in itself is; a sound that brings people together. Music in itself along with the music industry is incredibly multi-cultural, and our own respective cultural experiences have helped add to the story that we're trying to write with DØSTS. 
2) What's your opinion on the way asianness / masculinity is perceived in America?
DØST is all about different cultures, and the asian culture is something that luckily we have been able to been a part of while growing up in Asian households. Our childhoods and upbringings have helped define us as to who we are and we hope to use the image that we have created through music to inspire others in the Asian culture as well. Being brought up in and around the San Francisco area has also showed us how much Asian culture has emerged through all different kinds of art forms, not just music specifically. 
3) Do you have any personal anecdotes about your experiences as an Asian person navigating western spaces? 
Kash actually was born in India and came over to the US for school, while Dom, although born in the US, was brought up with heavy asian culture. So both halves of DØSTS have experiences navigating Western Spaces, which eventually led to the both of us meeting in California. These life-experiences with and with out music have helped inspire our sounds immensely, which can be heard in a lot of our upcoming unreleased stuff. 
scope their remix of petit biscuit & lido's track 'problems' here!


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