hi SAB family - here's an exclusive interview we recently did with charlie yin, also known as giraffage. he's a very talented producer, and we are incredibly lucky / stoked to be able to have this conversation with him! go check his music out.

these were the questions we asked him.

1) What's your story about your cultural roots? Did it have an effect on your music career/the way people viewed you in the music industry?

 my parents moved to the US about 30 years ago from taiwan, and i was born in california, making me a 2nd generation taiwanese-american kid. there weren’t that many asian people in the music industry when i started (there still aren’t really that many of us) so i’ve always felt like sort of an outlier. but i kind of thrive off of that feeling. i think being a weirdo/not fitting in helps you be more authentic, because there’s really no blueprint to follow other than your own internal creativity. 

2) What's your opinion on the way asianness / masculinity is perceived in America?

i think its really cool that there are way more asians doing music, or any art, in america in 2017. growing up, i was obsessed with this band ‘thrice' because they had an asian guitarist named teppei teranishi, and he was literally one of the only asians i knew that was doing music at the time. i think its really important to grow up with heroes/idols that look like you. if i never knew about teppei teranishi, i may not have had the confidence to start writing my own songs after school and pursuing music as a career. i think that’s why its so cool that more asians are getting attention and media shine, because its sending a message to asian youth in america that we can in fact make cool music/art/videos. 

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  • Interview Yetep next!! Or Robotaki, Manila Killa, and Elephante :)

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